Fun Shark Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

$ 109.00


Revisit the iconic movie “Jaws” by donning this costume for your next fancy dress bash, although this outfit would look great on Halloween too.


The beady, protruding eyes aren’t just for show, but they are mesh eye openings that allow you to see clearly so you can move about without tripping or falling.

Made using the finest of materials, the comfort factor is certainly not lacking in any way.

One size – fitting will not be an issue as it fits most adults size 40-42.

Shoe covers and mitts are attached along with fins for the shark to hover close to its unsuspecting prey!

Striking features are the prominent snout, row of sharp teeth, and the red mouth – it gives a realistic vibe to the costume.


Practice mimicking shark sounds and watch the reactions of your friends on D-Day! Place your order now.