Frozen olaf Onesies for Adults

$ 49.99


Made of the softest fleece and utterly comfortable the Frozen Olaf Onesies for Adults is perfect for themed parties, children’s gatherings, simply going to bed or an evening of story telling. In white and brown, with a closed front, and the Olaf head complete with the cute smile and buck teeth, brown branch hair, carrot nose and friendly round eyes on the hood, this is adorable to say the least.

Olaf, the snowman Anna and Elsa built together as kids was recreated and brought to life when Elsa left for her snow abode by her special powers. Poignant, wise and loving while being cute and funny at the same time, Olaf resonates with children and adults alike.

Be the receiver and giver of the cuddles and snuggles among your friends and family as you look super adorable in this Frozen Olaf Onesie. A definite winner for all occasions, including Halloween, buy one right away!