Fox Onesie for Adults

$ 49.99

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You can never be Too Foxy!

A sly and wily animal or a cute and sweet one? Foxes are always considered to be cunning, but you can adapt to any personality you wish while sporting this full-length onesie.

Buttons on the front make it quick and easy to wear and take off.

The muted orange contrasts nicely with the black cuffs at the base of the hands and feet.

The striking feature is the plush, bushy tail that highlights your look and makes it seem realistic.

The hood has fox ears and whiskers stitched on it - doesn’t it look cute?

Designed for your comfort – if you feel hot and sweaty after a while, just throw back the hood.

Maintenance takes up little time – dry clean or hand wish with cold water (air dry afterward).


Why don’t you wear the Fox onesie for Halloween? It will be unique and different, so you can really stand out among the crowd.