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Fox Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

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Turn on the Foxy Charm!

One Size Fits Adults

Would you like to attend your next event as a wily and cunning fox? Known to be sly and tricksters, fox costumes are in huge demand these days. Time for you to join in on the fun and enjoy yourself!


The brown and white colors set the mood perfectly – the hues are just right – neither too bright nor overly done.

Snout and ears are extremely realistic – you almost feel like it will spring to life any second!

The see-through eye mesh guarantees clear visibility – you don’t have to stumble or trip, or require any assistance to move.

Notice the claw-like hands and huge bushy tail – these aspects complete your overall appearance.

Foot covers are included for walking around safely and protecting your feet at the same time.


The fox is in the hen coop – walk down memory lane to your childhood when such stories would delight you!