Elephant Latex Animal Mask

$ 34.99

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A realistic latex animal mask, this elephant mask is a full overheard mask, an ideal fit for most adult humans. With mouth and eye openings, tusks, a trunk and big ears, this is a great product for everyone who would like to prank someone, head to a halloween party as someone really fun and different or just head to a story telling for kids and a jungle safari in a manner that is signature to those among us who are adventurous, a little crazy but the absolute movers and shakers of our group.

The tusks and trunk make a great way to start a great conversation. This elephant latex animal mask is many things rolled into one. It has great shock value, it is great craftsmanship, it can begin many stories, it is perfect for halloween and equally perfect for story enactments, theatre or just a fun evening gathering your friends and family around and doing unthinkable fun mischief