Duck Onesie for Adults

$ 59.99

An adult onesie that is so much fun to wear and smartly tailored! This Duck onesie is perfect for party, playtime, readings and theatre alike. Yellow and white with a duck head hood and tail, it is made of super soft flannel which is a pleasure to touch and wear. It will keep you snug and comfortable while having the right touch of cute to be snuggled by children and adults alike as you head to the Halloween or other costume parties. Moreover, it has pockets! So never be without your essentials while partying in costume. No more worries of leaving behind your phone and wallet in the locker or at your hosts’!

Go to sleep in it on a wintry night and you are sure to feel comforted. Prepare to be playful, naughty and mischievous as the much loved Quack!