Daenerys Targaryen Dragon Princess Game of Thrones Braids Cosplay Wig

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Were you always attracted to the magnificent beautiful of Daenerys Targaryen – The Dragon Princess of the most popular Game of the Thrones. Do you love the long and exotic hair with grayish braids that she carries? Those long and sassy tresses that drop down till waist and the braids that embrace amazing attraction can be yours with our exclusive Cosplay Wig, making you the princess of your own world. The wig looks like real hair and is long and loose in a curly pattern. The tresses are grey in color for an alluring look. Brought to you by the revered brand Super-twins520, these are made of highly temperature resistant fibers. The artificial hair on the wig can be styled in different ways; whether you want to make pleats or braids, it gives you the look you want. Here is your chance to flaunt your way like that of the flawless Dragon Princess from Game of Thrones; look stylish and be different with this Cosplay