Cute Cat Onesie for Adults

$ 49.99

This Cute Cat Onesie redefines cat characters in its velvety black with blue-indigo front, wide yellow eyes with black round eyeballs and blue inner black outer ears. The head on the hood complete with a nose and whiskers and the body as a onesie, this is too cute to resist - to buy, to wear, to hold and cuddle.


Be the favourite adult in the party, out of sheer cuteness quotient. You could even pair up with a witch to be the famous witch and cat pair at a costume themed party. Or you could be on your own as one of the many picture book cats. Pair this onesie with a pair of funky boots to become Puss in Boots! There is so much you can do simply by buying this onesie today.


Made of superior quality fleece, this is going to keep you warm in wintry nights. So curl up as the cute cat and be sure that you will wake up warm and happy. Choose from the four sizes of Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large right away!