Creepy Wolf Latex Animal Mask

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Wolf Costumes

This particular mask absolutely stuns everyone who sees it. Some like it simply because it's weird, others use it to make the world a more surreal place.

 Looking for an animal mask that will really stand out? This creepy wolf latex animal mask would be the right choice for you. A great new design, with a realistic finish which reflects great expertise and craftsmanship, this mask is absolutely perfect for masquerade parties. You could even gift it to someone, use it as part of a prank, head out to do a childrens play (Such as Little Red Riding Hood), Costume Parties and so much more! Infact, this is a mask which truly brings the spirit of Halloween to life.


While it fits mostly adults, teens could also try this on. Imagine giving your friends a funky creepy


wolf nod during Carnival or the Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party. Made of eco-friendly latex, this one is a high quality construction.


This particular creepy wolf face even has its tongue out, nose in the air, and mouth open - teeth bared. The eyes reflect anger and the ears are perked inwards. Be careful as you walk in to parties as you may end up scaring many in the dark.


Bring fantasies, story books and more to life using this creepy wolf latex animal mask. Perfect also for theatre, games and all kinds of fun. You are sure to be highly in demand for owning this and do not be surprised when friends and family take it away with them. So buy one and you could tell them to get their own here too.


100% Brand New and high quality.
Perfect for Masquerade Parties, Gifts, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party, Halloween, etc.
Some like it simply because it's weird, others use it to make the world a more surreal place.
Size: Fits most adults.
Material: eco-friendly latex. Quality construction.