Chipmunk Onesie

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Browse Onesies that are both sensational, and spectacular. Wear a onesie to a fantastic party, for Halloween, or keep cozy on your extraordinary adventures. 

Dressing up as a naughty, nut-nibbling chipmunk just like Chip and Dale of Disney can definitely increase your chances.

Available in four different measurements - small, medium, large, extra large – use the sizing chart as a reference to choose the suitable size.

Buttons on the front make it convenient to slip into the onesie and take it off when required.

The chipmunk hoodie is bound to garner attention – take a careful peek at the sweet and playful, yet mischievous big eyes.

No itchy or scratchy sensations while wearing it – on the contrary, the soft fleece keeps you warm even when the temperature is freezing.

Occasional dry cleaning or hand washing with cold water is fine – make sure the costume is exposed to a thorough air drying afterward.


Ready to show off at your next gathering? Don’t wait too long to get your very own Chipmunk Onesie!

You can be any animal with our comfortable and fun onesies. Made with soft and cozy fleece, each onesies helps you explore your animal inside.