Chicken Mascot Adult Halloween Costume - Unicorn Onesies

Chicken Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

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Be a Cute Little Chicken!


Chicken Little is out in his full glory and in a mood to play! Such costumes are immensely fun and that is exactly what we want – for you to let loose and have a gala time, be it at Halloween or any other costumed gala.

One Size Fits Adults

The yellow body and red feathers speak volumes about the detailing incorporated into this outfit.

Hands and feet are also incredibly designed, while the beak is realistic as well, just like you find in a chicken.

Anxious about constantly tripping or bumping into people? Not to worry, as the see-through eye mesh ensures crystal clear visibility.

The costume is comfortable and doesn’t impede movement – you can move your arms and legs freely.

Made of quality material, the costume won’t get frayed, ripped, or torn. Even the color will stay intact for a long time.


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