Cheshire Cat Costume Ears and Tail Cosplay

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The Cheshire Cat Costume Ears and Tail Cosplay set is sure to heat things up for you in the bedroom and beyond. Small enough to fit into your hand bag in case you are planning a hot surprise and funky enough to make your loved on smile and love you more, this is a great purchase. But it for cosplay or for intimate role play, this is sure to be an absolute hit. White, off white and shades of pink come together to create a feminine, exotic and sexy set of ears and tail. What more, the ears even have a fluffy tuft of hair to give you that ultra cute and chic look. This is a lovingly designed product that brings in the rare combination of cute, sexy, risque and exotica. So wear it with absolute confidence and capture the imagination of whoever it is that sets their eyes on you. Get it right away.