Charmander Onesie for Adults

$ 45.00

The world of Pokémon has always enchanted us. Now you can be one too! Bring home the Charmander  with this comfortable and fun onesie made with soft and cozy fleece.

As one of the starter Pokémon, you would be the smart and cute one in orange and white with the mandatory fire tip tail.  

The fleece is soft on your body and will keep you comfortable in wintry nights and if you decide to go to bed in it, it promises a good sleep.

This onesie will bring out the fun loving and frolic side of you putting a smile on the faces of your friends and family. You will be the magical creature of the evening marked with the exuberant flame on the tip of your tail.  

This cute orange onesie brings a large hearted happiness and cheer for everyone.

Rock the Charmander Onesie. Be magical!