Cat Unicorn 3D Printed Sweatshirt

$ 29.99

Some things are hard to explain. Such as dreams that stay with us. Dreams that make us believe in the impossible. The Cat Unicorn 3D Printed Sweatshirt pulls you into that world of magic that you may have closed the door firmly upon but know you cannot escape.


Colourful, trippy, plainly eccentric against a background of the tropical night sky with the aurora borealis bursting into life, stands a wide eyed cat with the pink shell Unicorn horn balanced upon its forehead.


Fun and a sense of travesty comes free with this Sweatshirt and you will find yourself enjoying life to the hilt as you walk out of your door wearing this. A lot of what you are, what your mood is depends on what you are wearing right now and if you are looking at heading to a party where you want to present the most fun side that you have - this sweatshirt is a must have. Made of Cotton, Polyster and Spandex - this is a must have for your wardrobe round the clock!

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