Brown Dog Animal Hat With Paws

$ 24.99


            Stay warm this autumn and winter with this faux fur brown dog animal hoodie hat. The fur is cent percent acrylic and has a lining of cent percent satin polyester. This makes it unmixed thus 100% warm, comfortable and easy to maintain. Both acrylic and polyester is easy to clean, keep fresh and maintained. So dry clean or hand wash cold. For drying however, air dry only.


            Lengthwise this particular hoodie or animal hat is 36 inches. Making it keep your head ears and hands pretty warm as it comes with mittens on its ends. It is a Brown Dog Hoodie with a cute dog face on the hood. This makes it perfect to slip on during comic plays, band performances, enactments, costume parties or when being funny to children.


            With a head circumference of 22 inches, this is free size for adults and teens alike. Go party, woofing in this hoodie!