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Boxer lovers will fall in love with this Big Boxer Plush Toy, thanks to his curious expression as he sits on his haunches, watching something or someone who has captured his interest. His facial, chest and front feet markings give him a distinct look. Made of high quality materials with superior stitching, he will become a family favorite for years to come. Dog lovers will appreciate the exceptional detailing that went into the creation of his face. He looks so real that he may deter burglars  — unless they notice the stitching on his chest, neck and ears. Place him anywhere in your home or office where you can give him a scratch behind the ears or friendly strokes on his head. He is also good to have in apartments or rental homes that don’t allow pets. This Boxer plush toy is one of several realistic stuffed animals that we carry.


Fun Fact -  Boxers are lovers, not fighters