Blue Unicorn Pony Onesie

$ 49.99

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The blue unicorn pony style adult onesie is unique, pretty and cool!  Made of soft flannel which is a pleasure to touch and wear, it will keep you comfortable and cuddly with the right touch of cute in a cool blue shade.

A yellow conical horn, a tuft of pink hair, pink inner ears this cyan blue and white design of ultimate cuteness has a buttoned up front and wide innocent eyes upon the hood.

Available in four sizes, this can be your go to for a cosplay, a costume party, a story book reading, a dress up party for mythical creatures or even as a special guest for a children’s party.

You could even go to sleep in it on a cool night and you will be all comfortable and snug throughout. The Blue Unicorn Pony Style Onesie will bring out your cool, young, playful, happy self and is sure to be a lot of fun!