Kangaroo Onesie for Kids

$ 38.99

The Kangaroo onesie is one of the most unique products in our line and has the cutest design. One of the most innovative products in the collection of the soft fleece onesies, this comes complete with a little joey in the pouch, a tail and a Kangaroo head hoodie. 

The Kangaroo or as they are fondly called, the roo of Australia have created many fun imagery, cartoons and stories and this would be a great way to start a party- be it for adults or for children. Imagine the impact you’d have if you walked into your party as a majestic funky koala.

Totally fun as a onesie, its soft and cozy fleece will keep you really comfortable. White fronted, this orange onesie has a happy vibe to it. Make most of it and keep party-hopping in it because that’s what cool Kangaroos do. Have a great time. And get one today!