Blue Stitch Onesie for Kids

$ 38.99

So cute that it will have everyone loving being with your baby, this white fronted blue onesie is the ultimate Blue Stitch Onesie for Children. Very well designed, amazingly comfortable, with blue cuffs and a bright blue nose, this will remind you of Stitch for sure.


So now, Stitch the blue koala-like alien with large rabbit-like ears, a wide mouth, a round nose, huge fun and naughty eyes is what your adorable little one will look like in fun occasions such as cosplay, Christmas,holiday, Halloween and more. Made of the superior quality material of Flannel Caroset, it is also machine washable!


Perfect gift for Birthdays, pick one for a kid in the family or friend circle. It calls for coziness, and is the perfect sleepwear on a wintry night. Buttoned up at the front, this is sure to keep your kid snug and comfy! So get one right away.