Bee Onesie for Adults

$ 39.99

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Buzzzzzz Away to Glory!

How about you do something different for Halloween this time? Instead of dressing up in ghost costumes, go as Mr/Ms. Bee! The idea is quirky but you can enjoy yourself nevertheless!


Made with top quality fleece so you can keep “buzzing” for a long time without any irritation or discomfort!
Stretchable material – collecting candies means you are constantly on the move, but with this costume on you can walk, run, and dance with ease.

Take your pick from four different sizes – small, medium, large, extra large – check the height chart to choose the ideal size that is the best fit.

It is equipped with a floppy hoodie to complete the look – there will never be a cuter bee in the years to come!

Why don’t you get one for each member of the family as well and celebrate Halloween as a unit of bees? Place your order without further delay!