Basset Hound Dog Mask Animal Adult Size

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Woof! Here Comes Your Canine Buddy

Transform into a basset hound dog in a jiffy with this cool and awesome mask. It is just what you need to stun the crowd at the upcoming theme party.

Rest assured the mask is made with eco-friendly latex that won’t warp or shrink, so you don’t feel the least bit of discomfort.

The floppy ears and droopy chin are aptly detailed – it is exactly like a live basset hound dog that love pets and scratches on their ears and chin.
The eyes make it extremely real – doesn’t it seem to be staring right at you? That is exactly what others will feel!
The coloring is also commendable – tones and hues of light brown, white, and hints of golden are used wonderfully.
Flexible and easily wearable – pull it over your head till it covers the face and eyes are positioned at the level of nose holes so you can see through them.


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