Bird Onesie

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The “Angry Birds” have earned celebrity status among both kids and adults. Whether it be the game or the character, they have become famous, which makes it a great idea to dress your kid as one of those!


Flannel caroset is used for the costume – the comfort factor is the top priority here.

Gentle against the skin – the fabric is safe for the delicate skin of kids, as it doesn’t cause rashes, irritations, itching, or any other skin related issues.

It is machine washable – the costume retains its softness even after repeated washes, and takes little time to clean.

Suitable for a number of occasions such as birthday parties, fancy dress bashes, cosplay, Christmas, and so on.

Cute hoodie resembling the ever popular “angry bird”.


Available in a number of sizes so children of ages 2 to 14 can wear them – please order right away!