36" LED Hula Hoop 4 Color Changing Fast Shipping

$ 60.00

Brand new 36" LED hula hoop. 4 color changing/flashing. There is an on/off switch and the hoop comes apart for easy storage/travel. It takes 2 AA batteries (included). 

Gather your joyful and playful instinct and indulge into fun with the colorful and exciting frame of this extra ordinary hula hoop. It shines with scintillating LED light in bright shades of pink and blue, with vibrant color changing and flashing that gives it a more exciting look.

 It is 36 inch wide which makes it very convenient for usage by anyone. It is easy to carry and store; next time when you go for a picnic or chiilin at a festival or rave, don’t forget to show the world your colorful skills of hula hooping

It runs on AA batteries with easy to use on-and-off switch for operating this accessory. It is something that knows no age, feel young and go back to your innocent and lively childhood with this amazing bright hula hoop around your waist. Shake your waist and keep the hula hooping around you.