Best Zombie Costumes For Teens

Best Zombie Costumes For Teens

Halloween is all about scary fun. The teenager in your life can have a blast trick or treating or going to parties in their own Zombie costume. There are four things that go into making a truly terrifying zombie costume – fake blood, dreadful makeup, horrid hair, and tattered clothes. These zombie costume creation tips will make turning your teen into a zombie easier than you think.

Dreadful Makeup

You can use everyday and specialty makeup to create scars, drooping skin, black eyes, and 

seriously gruesome wounds. Black out a few teeth, smear lipstick, and pick up some rubber skin to make their flesh appear to be peeling away. 

Fake Blood

You can buy unnervingly realistic looking fake blood online, at big box retailers, and even at your local dollar store. Drip it onto clothing, smear it on your fingers and drag it through your hair, put it on top of that dreadful makeup and your teen might even scare you.  

Horrid Hair

Carefully tease hair so it doesn’t sustain any long-term breakage or damage. Teased hair can turn into cowlicks, random spikes, and a general mess. Your teen can also load their hair with gel and spike it in random spots. The messier and more tousled you can make hair look, the better. 

Tattered Clothes

Ripped and torn, ill-fitting clothes are perfect for zombie costumes. Don’t just cut clothes with scissors, though. Rip them for a more authentic look. Rub dirt into clothes and ball them up to make them look wrinkled, tattered, and torn. Old suits are great for zombie costumes!


Teens can use sleeve tricks and thin rope to recreate missing body parts. They can also walk slowly and with an uneven, awkward gait. Finally, encourage your teen to grunt, moan, and speak unintelligibly. They’ll be the hit of the party in this easy Halloween costume, and you won’t have to spend a small fortune.

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