Victorian Costumes For Women

History is always in style. It never leaves us and we’re always learning from it. The Victorian Age is one of those times when women were treated like things of beauty and wore the fashions of the day in a most appealing manner. With hoop skirts, bustles, and corsets, Victorian costumes for women are perfect for Halloween, dress up, or masquerade parties. Check out these examples.


Start your costume with the basic pieces. 19th century fashion included largely romanticized looks with men often dressed in morning suits and women bedecked in full skirts, wispy waists, high necks, and gloved hands. Of course, no Victorian costume for women is complete without hoop skirts and petticoats. These hoops and other undergarments will help you get the fullness you need under your costume. Also, every Victorian lady lived in her corset. These corsets make it easy to get the right fit and Victorian Era appeal when dressing the part.


Now that you have the underpinnings you need, here are a few of our favorite complete Victorian Costumes for Women.

This fancy, colorful Victorian Lady Costume is all you need for a splendid old-fashioned Halloween.

If you’d prefer a Victorian Gothic Costume, this ball gown is just what you’re looking for. It’s vintage mystique at its best.

Are you prepared to become a queen for Halloween? This costume inspired by Queen Victoria is perfect when you want to reign supreme.

This costume is eye-catching and stunning! You’ll be the belle of the ball and the hit of the party

in this striking red Victorian costume.

If you’d rather be a Victorian sexpot, we’ve found the perfect solution. Full skirted and tight fitting, it will keep every eye in the room moving in your direction.


Halloween 2017 can be your best one yet with these Victorian fashions. You’ll love the look, the price tag, and the attention they’re sure to bring your way.

Victorian Costumes for Women

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