Tiger Onesie for Kids

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Tiger Costumes

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From the popular Winnie the Pooh, here is Tigger. Just like a lively, happy child Tigger walks and bounces about. Sure to fit in with the personality, joy and verve that your kid brings to you, this is an ideal onesie to buy for your kid or gift a kid in your life. Fantastically cheerful, outgoing, competitive in a friendly way, and having complete confidence in himself, Tigger is a character every kid can relate to. A perfect wear for parties, holidays, birthdays, vacations, cos play and story telling, this onesie is a fantastic investment for your child and a gift sure to be received with unparalleled happiness by other kids youd want to buy it for.

A fantastic choice not only for the character it represents, its bright colour but also because it is made of the softest flannel sure to soothe and comfort your child at all times, this is one you can confidently buy.