Blue Hippo Onesie

Blue Hippo Onesie

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Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to be a Blue Hippo? Besides all the Hippo rockstars in the popular movies like ‘Madagascar’, there is, of course, the beautiful Fairytale of the ‘The Blue Faience Hippopotamus’. Be the Hippo you want to be in this absolutely fun Blue Hippo Onesie made with soft and cozy fleece. Very comfortable, it's unlike you’d want to get out of it once you get in!

Chill as the Blue Hippopotamus in this light blue, white fronted onesie with googly black eyes, white inner ears, the two holes on the nose on the hood and cute white front teeth! What’s not to love in this adorable onesie!

So be it a party, or a night in bed with your loved one, be sure to be adored. In fact, if there is a child around, you could even read out stories on the Blue Hippopotamus or make some of your own, that cool this onesie is!

Have a loved evening in the Blue Hippo Onesie!