Black - Plush Claw Animal Slippers

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Looking for funky slippers to go with your costume or just because being funky in fun?

TheseBlack Plush Claw Animal Slippers are simply amazing an answer to that question.

Comfortable and absolutely wonderfully fitted, made of flannel and stuffed to give the most cushioned luxurious feel, it is comfortable and you can wear it every day around the house or even as part of other cosplay costumes.

 Each foot has small smart claws making them a great costume accessory!

The plastic claw nails actually look pretty much real.

The design is ergonomic and well suited to keep you comfortable and painless all day. And you could even play the most comfortable footsie under that table with your beloved and they are sure to ask for more.

Once you get used to this pair, it may be super tough to return to your regular shoes and heels may give you nightmares! Order one right away as it is a top scorer on all fronts of looks, cuteness, funky factor and comfort. Also, it is black and that can go with almost all cosplay costumes.