Rhino Onesie

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    The mighty rhino is one of the most respected and powerful creatures in the animal kingdom. If you want to represent that unerring power and unique strength, then you can make your aims and creative hopes a little easier with the help of this epic rhino fleece onesie.

    Designed to carry an enriching and lasting detail that can be quite hard to get right, this rhino fleece onesie should make it easy for you to get all the laughs at any event that you take part in. For a bit of creative comedy, this makes the easiest gag to pull off!

    The strong and sturdy design of the onesie itself makes it ape the strength of a rhino itself. While extremely comfortable and easy to get on and off, this onesie is designed to ensure you can look

    hilarious and carry off those levels of comfort that you so desire

    Fun Fact - Rhinoceros are herbivores (plant eaters).