Blue Koala Onesie

Blue Koala Onesie

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Koala Halloween Costumes

What’s cooler than a Koala? A blue Koala! Koalas can get even the most seasoned politicians and diplomats to become cuddly as we saw during the G20 Summit in Australia. Imagine the impact you’d have if you walked out of your room as a Blue Koala, infinitely cuter.

An absolutely fun onesie, the soft and cozy fleece will keep you super comfortable. On the hood is two adorable Koala eyes, ears complete with the tuft of fleece made fur, the endearing Koala nose and the delightful Koala smile. White fronted, this blue onesie also has a small blue Koala tail behind.

Raise the cuteness quotient of every gathering you’d like to have while wearing the Blue Koala Onesie. Be adored, loved and prepared for innumerable hugs and squeals of happiness. The onesie is so comfortable that you may find yourself heading to bed in it or for a short nap anywhere. You would stay perfectly snug in a wintry night.

Hug happiness as the Blue Koala and never let it go in this onesie!