Panda Onesie for Adults

$ 39.99

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Lets face it, the Panda is most adorable creature that walked the earth! And here is the twist, its black and white combination also makes it strangely attractive as a onesie! Complete with pockets and a buttoned down front, the Panda onesie is sure to be a party favorite.

What’s more, the Panda onesie is made of the softest fleece and can keep you warm, cozy and comfortable all the time. It will also make you into the most hugged person in the room. The hugs will never stop! On the hood is that cute Panda face, no one can turn away from. White fronted, this black onesie is designed for those kiddie animal party nights when you sit around reading books, telling stories or playing some fun games.

So have fun, raise the adorableness quotient, be loved, adored and prepare to be bowled over with the love the kids shower upon you!  Get the Panda onesie today!