Chicken Onesie for Adults

$ 49.99

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“Why did the chicken cross the road?” You’d be able to answer that in this cute White and Yellow cuffed comfortable and fun Chicken onesie made with soft and cozy fleece. Also, remember Chicken Little who had saved the World?

The chicken is by far the friendliest bird in your backyard. Not only does it wake you up in the morning, it also makes its way to your breakfast table if you prefer meat and eggs. This onesie lets you be the friendly backyard bird for a while. The onesie has a red comb, yellow beak and round eyes.

The fleece is soft on your body and will keep you comfortable in wintry nights and promises a good sleep. The onesie makes for some crazy fun and games filled moment. You could do the spruce up the party with a set of inventive food and beverage games or simply imitate a chicken which is guaranteed to get laughs and spread happiness all around!

Give out that friendly, happy vibe in this funky chicken onesie.