Playmobil Fairies Fairy Princess with Mommy and Baby Unicorn Ducks and Butterflies Toy Building

This Playmobil set 5450 is recommended for kids aged 4 to 10. It will likely be most popular with girls in that age group. This could be considered little girls toys as who doesn't love horse toys for girls. In this case the horse is actually a unicorn toy for girls with a baby unicorn. It's a double unicorn toy!

Unicorn toys for kids are always popular and particularly the Playmobil fairy sets that have come out recently. Amongst the new toys for girls these one are quite popular.

This Playmobil game features the pixie fairy Aquarella in the unicorn meadow where she can play with ducks, butterflies, dragonflies and unicorns. Plus there are pretty flowers, lilies, and a majestic old tree in which the fairy princess can sit beneath to cool off from the sun.

Playmobile offers bullding block toys for boys and girls of all ages. Even the mommies and daddies will enjoy these Playmobil spiele, or games. In many parts of the USA and in South America, you'll find many boys and girls enjoying juegos de Playmobil. Juegos of course meaning games in Spanish. In France and Quebec, Canada it's known as jouet Playmobil. You know what jouet means don't you?

Playmobil figures like this Playmobil fairy are similar to LEGO and duplo figures but about 1.5x as large. They also have moveable heads, arms and legs, however, you generally don't have to put Playmobil figurines together like you do with duplo and LEGO figurines.

Playmobil is a German company that was founded in 1975 by Hans Beck. He started off with developing the Playmobil minifigure or 'klicky' as it was originally known. Each Playmobil figure is a 1:24 scale or 3 inch size human figure that Hans wanted to be simple but fun for children to enjoy playing with.