The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Full Movie) English Version

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Full Movie) English Version
While browsing in a Brussels market, Tintin purchases an antique model ship which he intends to give to his friend Captain Haddock as a gift. Two strangers, model ship collector Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine and a man known as Barnaby, independently try to persuade Tintin to sell the model to them. He also sees the two police detectives, Thomson and Thompson, who are on the look out for a pickpocket operating in the area. Back at Tintin's flat, Snowy accidentally knocks the model over and breaks its mainmast. Repairing it, then showing the ship to Haddock, Tintin discovers that the ship is named the Unicorn. While Tintin is out, the ship is stolen from his apartment and, attempting to get it back, he discovers that Sakharine owns an identical model, also named the Unicorn. Returning to his flat, Tintin discovers a rolled-up parchment hidden under furniture and he realises that this must have been hidden in the mast of the model which Snowy had broken. Written on the parchment is a strange riddle: "Three brothers joyned. Three Unicorns in company sailing in the noonday sunne will speak. For 'tis from the light that light will dawn, and then shines forth the Eagle's cross.

Informing Haddock about the riddle, the captain tells him that the Unicorn was a 17th-century warship that sailed in the West Indies captained by Haddock's ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock. He describes how the Unicorn was boarded by a pirate band led by Red Rackham, who transferred his flag to the Unicorn, bringing aboard a treasure in diamonds. Sir Francis then battled with the pirate before killing him in single combat and scuttling the Unicorn. Haddock also reveals that three models of the Unicorn were built and given to Sir Francis' three sons. Meanwhile, Barnaby requests a meeting with Tintin, but is gunned down on Tintin's doorstep before he can speak to him, pointing to sparrows as a cryptic clue to the identity of his assailant. Later, Tintin is kidnapped by the perpetrators of the shooting. They are revealed to be the Bird brothers, two unscrupulous antique dealers who own a third model of the Unicorn. They are behind the theft of Tintin's model and have also stolen Sakharine's parchment, knowing that only by possessing all three parchments can the location of Red Rackham's treasure be found. Tintin escapes from the cellars of the Bird brothers' country estate, Marlinspike Hall, while the Captain arrives with officers Thomson and Thompson to arrest them. However, it is found that the Bird Brothers have only one of the parchments, as two were lost when their wallet was stolen. Tintin and Thomson and Thompson track down the pickpocket, Aristides Silk, a kleptomaniac who has a penchant for collecting wallets. His cache of stolen wallets is found at his flat, among them is the Bird Brothers' wallet containing the missing two parchments. By combining the three parchments and holding them up to the light, "sailing in the noonday sunne", Tintin and Haddock discover the coordinates of the lost treasure and plan an expedition to find it.

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  • Justin Tomkins