Best Top Chef Quotes

Best Top Chef Quotes

Best Top Chef Quotes


Tom C: "We went from little prick to big in my mouth." And a wry eye-roll.
Friend of Natalie's: "Yes, that's what usually happens!"

"Who's your dealer is and does he want more customers."-Natalie Portman:

" a perfectly prepared pana cotta should wobble like a woman's breast."- Jay Raynor

"We can serve monkey ass in empty clam shell and still win."-Fabio


Chrissy Cambra: “From what I remember, Stefan has an accent, he looks like a thumb, and he’s an evil villain.”

No, sweetie, you’re confusing him with Hosea Rosenberg, who won that season.

Kristin Kish: “Geoduck is great! Except it looks like a penis. A really big one.”

We’ve all been thinking it.

Carla Pellegrino: “I am a chef, but I am also a woman. When I’m cooking, I like to look good. I want to be a James Beard and I want to have a nice ass.”

We want to be James Beards, too! (We already have nice asses.)

Bart “The Belgian Knight” Vandaele: “I’m a Belgian native. Belgian food is amazing because we’ve been conquered so many times, and so we just keep all the best ingredients from everybody who conquered us. I mean, that’s a lot of them.”

A little European History with your Bravo drama, anyone?

Carla Pellegrino: “I can’t be running around like a stupid.”

We believe it was Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese who coined the phrase “You’re being an annoying.” But she’s a native English speaker without excuses.

Eliza Gavin: “In the Top Chef kitchen, you can burn something and call it ‘Cajun,’ you can under-cook something and call it ‘mid-rare,’ but you cannot under-season. That’s the kiss of death.”

You can make boring, colorless, flavorless pudding for dessert and call it “panna cotta”!

Joshua Valentine, on alums rejoining the competition: “Fuck them! It’s our turn! None of them were able to seal the deal! I hate them all.”

Irrational rage.

Stefan Richter: “There’s not one person I’ve met who hasn’t said to me, ‘Hey, Stefan, you should have won.’ Of course I should have won.”

Who does sentiment this surprise? No one.

Gail Simmons: “The first thing to put in my mouth in Seattle? Not bad. …That came out wrong.”

She’s back, boys and girls.

Padma Laksmi: Josie, why do you think you’re here [in the bottom two]?
Josie Smith-Malave: I think…possibly…something was…imperfect?

(Tom Colicchio’s eyes roll out of his head.)

Stefan Richter on being in front of the Judges’ Table: “It’s like you’re a zebra, you’re wounded, and you’re walking around Africa…This is nauseating. It’s like vomiting. It’s like giving birth.”

We love it when Europeans try to make similes.