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Donut Onesies, My Spray Tan & Workout with BuffBunny video Posted on 05 Nov 19:06

 Donut Onesies, My Spray Tan & Workout with BuffBunny video


Come to Poi Camp in Costa Rica! March 21-28, 2015 Posted on 08 Mar 12:18

Did Miley Cyrus Cause 'Onesie' Obsession?! Posted on 21 Jan 20:53


"ou know those fashion trends from 10 or 20 years ago that you see pictures of and wonder, "What were they thinking?" Well, I can see into the future, guys, and it's official: the 2013 Trend is the Onesie.

The Onesie has had quite a year. The oh-so-cozy trend got a big surge in popularity after Miley made her very first infamous twerk video.

And then it seemed like everyone hopped on the trend that was previously only worn by little kids waiting for Santa.

Now let's make one thing clear: I'm not hating, I love the onesie. In fact, I happen to wear my 1D one all the time.

I just don't understand why we love this garment. I mean, it's comfortable, that's for damn sure. But I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty embarrassed when I watch this video in a few years.

Remember the snuggie? That was a pretty big fad, but at least we kept the shame of the snuggie to the privacy of our homes. We're flaunting these onesies, even worse — we're twerking in them on the internet.

Now I can't decide whether this is a trend in the right direction or not. I mean, this onesie video was the most covered up Miley has been all year. But high fashion it is not.

Well, future Chelsea, I'm sorry for embarrassing you by wearing this onesie in a video. But at least we're all in it together, right, guys?

As for my lesson of the day: Be comfortable in the skin — and clothes — that you're in."

Onesie Skate Party Posted on 21 Jan 20:52


Fun times in Wash3dup land. The gang hit up Flaggies one fateful night and destroyed.

Thanks to Eric and Jake for the extra filming when my useless battery died.



Apologies to anyone who sent a video that didn't make it. I used all the clips EXCEPT for people who WEREN'T wearing onesies. If i couldn't tell it was a onesie, or it obviously wasn't, i didn't put you in. sorry! The is the censored version cuz i have so many little kids in it. The uneditted version with just the music video and without the fans will also be uploaded just cuz! =)

PIKACHU ONESIE!! Pokemon Dream Team ✧ Alpha Sapphire Posted on 21 Jan 20:44

The Onesie Anthem Posted on 21 Jan 20:40



The Onesie Anthem video youtube Extended and Explicit

You've Got That Onesie - SU-Schoolies Pluggers One Direction - One Thing Parody Posted on 21 Jan 20:38

Onesies are everywhere these days! You can barely go to a dress up party or wedding without being inundated with those ridiculous animal suits! Pluggers' resident boy band Andrew and Brendan take on One Direction in this new song, You've Got That Onesie.


Unicorn chasing ducks Posted on 21 Jan 20:38

Motorcycle Rider in a Unicorn Onesie Posted on 21 Jan 20:38



"Just me riding around in a Unicorn Onesie making a fool of myself and creating random, awkward and hilarious situations. Whether I confused somebody, made someone laugh or made someones day, it was totally worth it. It was really fun to make this video and I hope you enjoy it :)"