10 feng shui tips

10 feng shui tips

top 10 feng shui tips

do not keep anything large and electronic including laptops near doorways, altars, and especially your bed, and cover them up with any material if you can when not using

clear any walking path that is at all teken it the room

store things low and out of sight cover things up put them in drawers but whatever you do not put them under your bed, and do not keep books or any other bulky items near yourbed this will dusrup the fung shui as well as your sleep

keep living things in your room like plants they give off oxygen, good natural vibes, and bright colors.

if your going to hang something up in your room have it be abstract art , landscape art or any other natural painting or photograph, i would personally not hang up any poster with to strong of personalty becuase it might clash with the fresh flowing vibe of the room.

rearranging is a crucial part of feng shui for me as soon as i pick up something up the movement in the room starts to create a new song. i figure that is why in some cultures it is looked down upon to pick up an object in some ones home without asking them first the song could already be in harmony.