Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great source to splash your body with colorful dresses while mingling with a diverse array of people looking as insane as you are! Halloween has become a million dollar business as it is celebrated every year in numerous countries and a million spots – so it does not have a specific dress code. Instead, you could wear anything, literally anything – even metal underwear!

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Here, your aim should not be to look frightening, there is no issue if you pursue that, but that is not a requirement. In fact, you could practice several things to get you working on the floor ranging from funny and animal costumes all the way to the video games and zombie costumes – so there are a bunch if options, never restricting you with a specific niche or price range, you could design most of the costumes at in your bedroom as well – just focus on the partying factor, forget everything else.. But do not forget to look as much unique as possible.

Let’s have a look at some of the most trending (and some new) costumes for the Halloween.

Unicorn Onesies

Unicorns have always been a source of feeling superstitious. Moreover, as seen in the movies and elsewhere, their appearance has never failed to amuse the general public. So, basically in Halloween parties, our aim is to enjoy while looking unique from all aspects, attire being the first one. Why don't you think about giving Unicorn Onesies a try?

A jumpsuit with a sharp horn on your head and a fully white costume underneath would give you a snowy look and if viewed from a different perspective, as most of the people wear black and red, which does not contrast well with the landscape at night to feature in the photographs, you could certainly go with a Unicorn Onesies as it would give you a distinctive position in the party and in the photographs as well. This idea is not being practiced very commonly, in fact at the moment, very few people have worn this jumpsuit, so as the basic requirement of Halloween party – looking great, it would serve the purpose pretty well.

Movie Characters

Now here, you must distinguish that what type of movie characters would serve the purpose of being unique at a Halloween party. Certainly, if you go for Arnold, Tom Cruise and many other rather ‘plain' looks, you won't sail through. Instead, you should focus on the characters like ‘Optimus Prime, from Transformers' and ‘Joker, from Batman' – these characters were so vivid that if you transform yourself into any of such, you won't only look unique, but you would be able to rule the stage of the party – the way you want, firstly for your look and secondly for the fact that these characters had ruled their movies, so you might be inspired by doing so.

Zombie Cat

Zombie costumes are pretty mainstream, aren’t they? So here is another idea floating around the public for sometime now.


You could go for becoming a Zombie Cat – by doing so, you would fire two arrows in the party. Firstly, your zombie look would seek the attention of the horror feat lover while the cat lovers would also be attracted towards your costume to see that how could an innocent pet become a monstrous cat!

Rubik's Cube

This idea is rarely put into action as people do not take it seriously – see, Rubik's is a trendy game with a lot of good colors on it – wearing a dress made up of this cube would give you a cool, studious, nerdy look and swag at the same time. Apart from this, if you go on to start a business of Halloween costumes, you should never forget to put this dress into your collection as it is very rare in the market and you could take advantage of the market competition.

Fruit Tree

Pick your favorite fruit and pursue it to wear it its tree costume on the Halloween party – it is an idea that would earn you a cheesy look while making you respect go higher since if you attend a reasonable class of a party, people would think about you in another style, they would consider you to be an environmental conservationist who is dishing out his love for the nature even at a party – so cheers!

Be a day-to-day character

There are people who do want to look unique at the party but they do not want to go that far and look absurd – fine, their wish! Probably the best advice for them is to imitate a character that people see in their lives that give you a personalized look but makes you feel some sort of ‘worthy' in the party – like, nurse, doctor, carpenter, ward boy, etc.

Custom Onesies

There is yet another thing that you could do to sound amazing and unique! Onesies are pretty trending on Halloweens now, so it is indeed a great idea to dress yourself in the jumpsuit of your pet’s appearance and dress your pet into yours – it is a very handy but unique way to stand out from the competition of looking unique – not only you but your dog would also get a lot of attention, probably more than you!

There are tons of other ideas ready to be implemented – all you have to do is to


decide what suits your personality (well, Halloween is pretty less about what suits you), what could you affords and what is available in the market. But if the costume is worth wearing and you do have the money to buy it from elsewhere, you should definitely travel that extra mile. There are some companies who take custom orders to design your onesies (trending nowadays), so if a reasonable idea hits you, on time, you could pursue that and get something designed at the time.