Do Vampires Really Exist?




Throughout history, these creatures have been known by many names, but most have come to know them as vampires. The question often come up, “do vampires really exist?” And the fact of the matter is that there may be much evidence on both sides of the debate, but most people are not satisfied without a conclusive answer. It is human nature to seek more definitive answers, but, without any logical or scientific evidence, how we can conclude that vampires really exist or not?

This is a classic example of myths and legends in general. But, particularly with vampires, although we can’t prove that they are not real, attempting to prove that they really exist is also very difficult.

As we’ve heard, there are many characteristics of vampires, such as blood, long fingers, two long canines, vampires are burned by the sunlight and many more. Now we need to look at the scientific facts of all of the above claims. When you say that vampires like blood, in medical terms we say that it is an iron deficiency case in which people experience cravings for iron-rich and bloody meats. The same holds true in the case of sunlight burn; there are many medical conditions in which one has to be indoors, such as porphyria. Long teeth are a common occurrence of body decomposition. So once you look at the scientific facts, you can say that vampires may not exist. But these cannot be considered as hard facts.

If we had conclusive evidence either in support of or against this view, we wouldn’t even be asking this question. If we could prove their existence, there would be no further questions. And just because we can’t prove it doesn’t mean that it is not true. It is the same case with God. In most cases, we can’t prove that God does exist, but we do believe that there is a God. Then, why can’t we believe in vampires?

The existence of God may only be felt; likewise, vampires may only be felt when encountered by such an individual. From ancient times, there have been news and reports of creatures like these from around the world. It is very difficult to explain these encounters if vampires don’t exist. We are forced to believe in their existence because of these encounters, but there is no reason to be sceptical because we don't have proof.

In my opinion, this question of the existence of vampires may be answered honestly by saying vampires may exist or may not. Vampires are categorized as demons as their existence is also questionable. Hence, I would like to be cautious and don’t want to be exposed to these vampires as you would be dead and never be in a condition to explain it to anyone. Guys, better to be safe than dead!