How to Talk to Your Crush Posted on 13 Sep 13:12


You are sitting on the couch and plug in the headphones into your phone and a song started…you smiled and blushed, and suddenly all love songs were about him or her. Then, friend, surely you have a crush. Have you talked to him/her?? NO!! Talking to your crush, especially for the first time, is like a battle in your mind and you have to win that battle first. Don’t wimp out every time you start to say something to him/her. But this is not so easy because he/she can make your cardiac muscle pump blood through your vascular system really quickly. So what you need is self-control over your thought process.

If your crush is your friend, then things became comparatively easy because you know her/his likes and dislikes. But if she/he is not your friend, then you have to put forth some extra effort. I would suggest you be a friend first because friendship is the first step of every relationship.

Never be Afraid of Rejection

If you afraid of rejection, then I must say your chances will be zero. Work on your confidence first, and ensure yourself that you are doing the right thing. Showing your feelings to someone is not a crime. So, friend, just cheer up!

Maintain Your Body Language

It is very difficult to say anything at that moment when your crush is standing right in front of you, but don’t despair, you can impress him/her by maintaining body language such as a handshake, taking a space while talking, not leaning too much and maintaining proper posture.

Don’t Talk Too Much

Yes, you want to say so many things to him/her about what you feel and think… but stop! Sometimes too much conversation can create a bad impression. So just relax and tell the butterflies in your tummy to calm down a bit. Talk to him/her a little every day because it will make your day. Never use pick-up lines because they will make your conversation messy and cheesy.

Notice His/Her Choices

Your crush is your favorite daydream, but this is not enough, my daydreamer, you have to notice his/her likes and dislikes too—what he/she likes to wear or to eat... Where he/she likes to hang out… His/her favorite color, dishes, etc. These things should be in your mind before you approach him/her.

Dress Properly

A perfect and comfortable dress will boost your confidence while talking to him/her. Try to wear his/her favorite color outfit. If you are not aware of his/her favorite color, I would suggest you wear your favorite one that will make you feel more positive when you talk stay styling and  check out our collection of over 50 animal onesies

The Social Site Connection

In today’s world, social networking is the fastest and easiest form of communication. If you are not so comfortable talking face-to-face, then choose online chatting to initiate a conversation with your crush. It will surely make you more comfortable. To find out more about him/her, discover his/her account details, likes, etc., and then you can easily determine what kind of person your crush is! It’s that simple!