How to Protect the Rainforest

How to Protect the Rainforest




Rainforests are being destroyed every day and saving them is not going to be so simple. It will take the contribution of many people working together to ensure the safety of rainforests. To save the rainforest, you do not have to join any global level movement; you can start it at an individual level. Start it at home like by recycling everything you can: glass, bottles, cans, etc. Do not use electrical appliances for things you can easily do by hand, such as opening cans, electric body warming, etc. Investigate local recycling centres that take items your garbage hauler does not. Use cold water in the washer. Try to use phosphate-free laundry and dish detergent.

In addition to this personal-level contribution, you can volunteer your time on projects for a conservation organization. Donate a part of your income to conservation projects. You can also try to protect the rainforest while you are on vacation. Some ways to attain this include turning down the heat and switching off the water heater immediately after use. Secondly, you may try carrying reusable cups, plates and spoons along with serving spoons. You must avoid littering the beaches with trash or garbage that may end up in the ocean. In addition, do not keep wild animals at your home, and boycott things made from the skin of endangered animals. Whenever you are driving on the roads, try to watch for animals and do not crush them due to your reckless driving; their lives are equally important.

While travelling in the car, you can still help to save the rainforest by electing to carpool with friends as much as possible. You should also choose public transport over your personal vehicle. If possible, try to walk or ride your bicycle on the weekends.  When purchasing a new car, ensure it is the most fuel-efficient vehicle. Try not to throw trash on the highways while driving to the office or shopping.


Efforts to save the rainforests can be applied at the office as well. This may include the use of recycled stationery as much as possible, particularly for informal notes. You may also print on both sides of the paper. Try to ensure re-use of envelopes, file folders and transparent folders to avoid waste. The practise of using paper cups may be replaced by personal mugs for coffee during break time and meetings.


One cannot forget the responsibility of teaching others about the importance of saving the environment and the rainforests. The process should be established whereby more trees may be planted in an effort to restore damaged ecosystems. We should be saving mother earth and the planet by protecting trees and wildlife. Our existence should never affect the lives of plants and animals. We should put enormous efforts into saving the rainforests with proper commitment at each and every level.